Windows to Ubuntu (Linux) Conversion Big Island Hawaii

Why Convert to Linux?

  • You wish increase the life-span of your computer.
  • Your Windows computer has become weighed down with clutter and invasive / spammy programs (this has always been common with Windows).
  • You use your computer mostly for the web.
  • You value privacy.
  • You enjoy free alternatives to software such as Office and Word.

I use Linux because it is fast and well supported. There is no aggressive marketing or up-selling in the software itself (as is common with proprietary software). It is made to run reliably. Many of the world’s most important systems rely on Linux.

Reliable, Rock-Solid, Efficient, User Friendly

Linux is no longer a complicated system. It is very user friendly. Most importantly, it is supported and developed around the world, and is now a major operating system.

Do Not Convert to Linux IF:

  • You are reliant upon windows-only software.
  • You are not ready to learn a few new layouts and methodologies inherit to this OS.

Which Linux Operating System Is For You?


Ubuntu is user friendly, well supported, and very stable.

Linux Mint

Linux mint specializes in being more “Windows-Like”, and is generally used by people converting over from Windows.


Fedora is bleeding-edge, and extremely well supported. It is, in my opinion, best for business use.