Web Design

Rapid Web Design / Hosting, Big Island Hawaii

I offer a unique service in Web Design with a strategy in function first, speedy deployment and simple updating of content.

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Email Based, Fast Deployment

All content, images / text is delivered to me via email. I update your site within 24 hours (or sooner).

You are allowed 7 new posts / pages per week.

Website Types

Basic / Fast HTML

$10 / Month Flat Fee, after setup costs.

This website that you are looking at right now is a flat-HTML site. As an experienced designer, I choose this method because:

  • It is the fastest type of deployment possible.
  • Easily backed up.
  • Simpler maintenance.
  • Lightning fast page-load time.
  • It is an emerging web design strategy of the 2020’s especially popular with developers.


Wordpress allows for stylistically advanced sites, and where specialized functionality is needed, Wordpress is the swiss-army-knife of web design.

This method of web hosting / deployment should only be used if:

  • You wish to run an online store.
  • You require stylistically advanced setup / branding.
  • You insist on editing your own content.

Pricing negotiated.

Django / Custom App

I used the python-based Django for all custom applications that I design. Django is advanced, and a special case use. I use it for:

  • Very large sites, many thousands of pages.
  • Sites that require fast load times.
  • Interactive and automated apps.

This is a special case scenario and the more expensive option. I have much experience in Python / Django, but suggest it only in very specific circumstances.

Use Me (Hawaii GenTech) IF:

  • You wish to avoid all interaction with web design technology.
  • You are prepared to supply your own content / images.
  • You wish to have a set-it-and-forget-it solution.
  • You can be satisfied with limited design options (ie, supplied templates). I believe in function first. Excessive flare and branding is not my priority, or style, even in my own sites.

It is highly suggested you only use my services if you have decided against the other options available on the internet. My aim to to save you time and effort. Other “cheap services” will usually cost you, at least, much valuable time.

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