What’s said is said…

meme is reference to the Labyrinth Movie, 1986

In the Misinformation Age, the WayBackMachine might just be one of our strongest weapons available to curtail deception.

Most people might not understand it’s power, and some might not know how to use it. A strong knowledge of WBM is probably more important now than it ever was.

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You know what’s better than a time machine? A weaponized time machine…

Why WayBackMachine is Powerful

The WayBackMachine basically gives you the ability to travel back in time on the internet.

It also allows you to freeze a moment of time on the internet.

Like any genuine time machine, it can be challenging to use.

  • It can be slow at times.
  • It can be slow at times.
  • Recalled moments in time can be missing elements such as pictures or video.
  • It might not be obvious how to control the time circuits (advanced features should be learned to properly filter search results).

Despite some of these faults, textual context is hardly ever lacking.

First, you turn the time circuits on…

Time Circuits meme is reference to the Back to the Future Movie, 1985)

This isn’t google. It’s a temperamental and very powerful piece of equipment. It does it’s job extra well at the expense of user friendliness and convenience.

Let us bypass the front search page and go straight to the advanced page https://archive.org/advancedsearch.php.

WayBackMachine advanced…

This is what makes time travel possible.

The WBM does not apologize. It doesn’t sensor what you find. If you take the time machine to a place where something bad happened, you must be prepared to see what happened.

In an experiment to see how far back in time I could travel in Hawaii news, I saw an elephant go rogue and stampede people (1994). I’ve seen many high-casualty-action-movies, but this sad to witness because I knew it was real.

Using WayBackMachine Defensively…

as a web author…

As soon as you author a page, go here and save it https://archive.org/web/.

Use this button here…

This will ensure that your original content is recognized as it’s first-entry on the internet. This will come in handy for many purposes, now, and in the future since authorship is recognized, in part, on internet timelines.

as a general user…

Quite often content is posted and then removed or edited when things heat up. If you recognize a topic is controversial or important, you may wish to quickly archive it https://archive.org/web/. That way when the content is changed or removed, the original context will not be lost, and the upper hand will be given when a WBM Soldier posts the original content back into the isolated or national conversation.

This tactic is useful in both trivial and weighty matters and should be remembered in chronological combat.

Using WayBackMachine Offensively…

as an investigator…

There are many important events that were either preceded by – or the result of – things happening on the internet.

Knowing this, as well as the web-presence of the people involved in such events, with a little skilled WBM use you can bring to the surface that which had previously sunk into the depths of internet history.

You don’t have to be a professional investigator to get to the bottom of what happened, whether the events be minor or catastrophic. You just have to know how to search the internet.

as a truth-promoter…

In the pre-internet days, history was written by the winners.

These days, however, history is recorded in real time. Its hard to rewrite events under the passive and accidental surveillance system that the internet is.

Events that happened in recent decades will often have an internet counterpart that can be studied.

With some clever WBM piloting, you can use the power of truth to dethrone that which had previously prospered in a lie.

So for those who are involved in current issues that were effected by the recent past, WBM cannot be overlooked.

Browser addon:


Save a page: https://archive.org/web/

Search archives: https://archive.org/

Search archives advanced: https://archive.org/advancedsearch.php

…don’t forget to make an account… https://archive.org/account/login.createaccount.php

More Info

While WayBackMachine was founded in 1996, it’s records relate to things that go much further back in time.