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Vault Tech calling!

Presenting a secondary internet for when after the bombs fall…

I’ve started a new project at GitHub.

For some time now I’ve been wanting to create a simple, separate internet.

It would be based on nothing more than human readable text (.txt) files and images.

Originally, it was inspired by a sort of technological dooms-day prepping – a creation of archives and rudimentary internets that could easily be deployed. But later, having thought it out, I realized it could be much more purposeful than this.

Today I finally got it started. https://txt-web.com/index.txt

Text Page Before:

Text Page Before

Text Page After:

Text Page Before

The “Ham Radio” of Internet.

There is a great documentary by Werner Herzog: Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World. In this documentary one learns about the humble beginnings of our modern internet, and how far it has come.

Meanwhile, today, many anticipate that the internet will likely split, due to politics, needs, and emerging technologies.

I really like this idea.

In fact, I’d like to experiment with it.

So I thought it good to create a community experiment. An experiment to create a simple internet out of text files alone as the skeleton.

A Modular Internet of Simple Devices and Text

I imagine this being a small internet of machines such as micro-controllers, old computers, Raspberry Pi…anything really.

But first, I had to make a working prototype on a modern browser…

So start, I’ve created a prototype of functionality demonstrated through a Firefox addon. You can find it here: https://github.com/the-switchboard/txt-web

And the test-site is here: https://txt-web.com/index.txt (archive)


Although it is nothing as amazing as the first letters transmitted via the first internet prototype, this is a sort of “hello world” for me, where after so long I’ve finally attempted this cool idea:

An internet built out of simple, human-readable text files.


Get Involved

If this seems interesting to you, join the GitHub project https://github.com/the-switchboard/txt-web and get involved.

I think a variety of skills would be needed to get something like this going. Also, because it is so simple, it could easily be developed by hobbyists and loosely affiliated team-mates as a side project.