Public Domain Images, Where to Find Them, Hawaii Gen Tech

The best image content on the internet is actually free. Using public domain images in your designs has the effect of providing an authoritative, classic appeal to the content.

Also, some of the best talent available is not from our time, but comes from times past. Great masters of art and photography who’s works have been left behind … are often preferable to the stockpiled / mass produced stock image content in stock-photo agencies today.

Here is where you can find great public domain images.

Smithsonian Open Access

Public Domain Images, Where to Find Them

Smithsonian has recently released 3 million 2d and 3d forms into the public domain.

This is a recent event. This means lots of undiscovered content exists that you can use for the first time in your blogs, videos, and general image needs.

Wikimedia Commons

Public Domain Images, Where to Find Them, Hawaii Big Island

This is a big and high quality resource for images in the public domain.

Old Book Illustrations

Public Domain Images, Old Book Illustrations

As the name implies, these illustrations come from old books … some hundreds of years old.

More Sources Exist, but Are Not as Reliable

When it comes to image copyright, it is good to play it safe. So the following places also have much public domain content, but there is guarantee on the authenticity of said content.

Flickr Commons

Public Domain Pictures

ISO Republic