Seo is a Joke

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): is the art of enticing machines so as to entice people.

But it’s no longer needed.

Granted, the usual stuff applies: Fast page load, responsiveness for mobile devices, spelling and grammer…still apply.

But gone are the days of the subtler forms of SEO, where you cared about keyword density, backlinks, and similar things.

The Algorithms and AI Are More Advanced Now

The algorithms are practically sentient…

The Algorithms Are Practically Sentient

At this time, it is now better for you to write content like a human, with personality, and natural.

If you know a subject well, Google especially can sense that. If you are faking, google can sense that too.

Bing search engine likely has comparable talents. Other search engines don’t even matter anymore, as they (such as Duckduckgo and Yahoo) actually source their results from Bing.

Whereas domain authority was previously calculated by backlinks and social network cues, the algos can now sense from your writing alone, along with a multitude of other cues…if you are who you say you are.

On this subject, here is some light reading for you… (E-A-T)

Before, in SEO, you had the burden of building backlinks. Backlinks helped search engines understand the context of your site and it’s possible popularity and authority.

This, too, could be farmed artificially.

It doesn’t matter now.

Keyword Density? Don't Need It

If I were to speak, talk, express myself to you in a awkward, silly, repetitive, redundant manner, you might not like, appreciate, understand me very well.

If I spoke to you with no less than 1000 words, you might be annoyed. You would, most likely, be very, annoyed, angered, frustrated, sad.

You get it? The Algorithms practically have emotions now. They don’t want to hear you talk like that either.

They don’t like SEO tricks.

Don’t use them.

Social Network Signals! Yes, No?

Unless you really are a popular person, don’t bother. Sure, social network traffic is great. But artificial popularity on a social network (ie, an army of admiring sock puppets talking about you… doesn’t help anymore). Search engines know who’s real and who’s not (mostly).

Finally, You Can Be You

Now that search engines are smarter, you are officially relieved of the burden of SEO. You can be your best you, and you will now thrive for it.

The fakers…they will sink in results. Why? Because nobody likes a cheat, fraud, fake, keyword stuffer, SEO “Expert”.

Oh…Just One More Thing

Don’t ever pay an “SEO Expert” again. He’s not applicable anymore.