Dark Web Low Cost Hosting

$20 / month. USD or Bitcoin

Fully managed hiddenweb .onion domain

For $20 / month, USD or Bitcoin you get a fully managed darkweb site. In a more traditional and simple fashion, all updates are given to me via email. I then create each page according to the directions, content, and images you’ve supplied.

  • $30 initial setup.
  • $20 first month’s fee.
  • = $50 site total launch.

Domain setup is an initial $30 + the 1st month’s fee, totaling $50, where I set up an .onion domain and put up your first pages.

USD and Bitcoin accepted.

Minimal, Elegant, Beautiful.

You may choose from one of 4 templates:

Template 1:


Template 2:


Template 3:


Template 4:


I am human

All management is done through me, via communications supplied by you. You never touch the website. This is the valuable hands-on fine-tuned service you pay for.

You are paying for an old fashioned, yet modern service in a new frontier of internet opportunities.

Contact me via the contact page.

The dark web is a new internet

The dark web is a new internet…

…and as such, it is a fresh source of largely uncompleted traffic. But it must be approached with care.

If you are setting sail to the dark waters of the hidden web, you must be at least somewhat aware of unique challenges inherent to this largely uncharted territory.

Not just pirates…

The dark web is used by many for a variety of reasons. One major reason is the increasing need for privacy as we go into the age of surveillance

Because dark web is somewhat new, it is bound to evolve. As with any new market, its often best to get involved while its still young, and grow with it.