Hidden Web Hosting

Hosting for the Hidden Web (Tor)

I provide hidden web hosting under special circumstances.

Any HTML website you create via Hawaii Gentech can also be hosted on the Hidden Web for an extra charge of $20 / month. (+$30 initial setup)

Contact me for further assistance.

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Reasons You May Wish to Deploy a Tor / Onion Site

  • The main internet (ie, the “clearnet”) is heavily competed in almost every subject. The Dark Web is used by many as an alternative internet (especially those seeking privacy).

  • You are hosting unique content that may be better for private access (such as specialized reporting).

  • Alternate source of exposure / traffic.

The Tor Hidden Web is still very new. However it has expanded in use and purpose, and may actually be a new incarnation of the internet in general.

I make it a point to give all of my websites a dark web address these days, as it allows a fresh source of traffic.

The Usual Rules Apply

For me to run your onion / tor / hidden web site, it must fall within the general guidelines of:

  • Legality
  • Productive Purpose

All of this may be cleared through me. If your purposes are useful (and legal) I will aid you in your website deployment to the dark web.

What is Tor?

For more information, see the tor site: https://www.torproject.org/

Get Started

Contact me for further assistance.

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Fully Managed Hidden Web Hosting - Low Cost