The First Major Sign Your Web Host Will Not Respect You

When a relationship starts with an act of dishonesty or manipulation, it will be a toxic relationship.

This is common knowledge.

Most major web hosting companies groom potential customers in manipulative ways, but, sadly, many do not recognize the trouble signs due to naivety or need.

Here is one important, but common cue that your webhost-to-be will not respect you, and you are in for a compromising, dysfunctional relationship.

But you said 3.95 a month… :(

The Solicitation

Do you really mean it?

In the ad above, this average young woman has just been approached by what could be the prince-charming of webhosts, bluehost himself. She is excited and flattered that she could have him for the price of $3.50 a month.

Enticed, she takes the bait.

Getting into the Car

Is it too good to be true?

Now the young lady is excited, because although it seemed too good to be true, it looks like this might just be true love. $3.95 a month! Things are finally looking up.

Taking the Ride

After some flirty initial conversation of what her domain name will be, our prince charming bluehost finally gets down to his intentions.

He says, “So let’s talk about that $178.08…"

And her heart sinks…

Get your hands off me!

And now we’ve quickly arrived at that part of the relationship known as “Get your hands off me!".

$178.08 for 3 Years is Not $3.95 a Month

One might argue that if you divide the numbers over 3 years, it evens out to the price stated: $3.95.

But that’s not $3.95 a month.

That is $178.08 for three years.

If it was $3.95 a month, I could pay $3.95 for the first month, $3.95 for the second… $3.95 for the third … etc.

It was lie, a manipulation, a sign.

My wedding ring costs less per month every year…

So by this logic, a $1000 wedding ring costs $1.66 dollars a month after 50 years of marriage. Assuming there is no divorce.

But if you say yes…

Sadly, some people will ignore the first alarm signs of the toxic relationship, and convince themselves that they did not just get manipulated.

Sadly, that “deal” is lost in a short time due to common upsells inherent to hosts such as this. Because if you don’t say “get your hands off me” you enable future exploits, and the web host knows this. He’s good at what he does.

Prince Charming is a Dime a Dozen

Despite how unique and valuable this prince charming purports to be, there is a street full of them coming from every alley way.

Most major cheap hosting companies operate this way.

Don’t give up your standards and settle. The good hosts are hard to find, because they don’t hang out in the main traffic areas of society/internet.