Minds.com honest review

This is an honest review on minds.com.

Minds presented itself as somewhat of an anti-Facebook. Being unlike other social networks that often sensor content in a politically or agenda biased fashion, Minds would allow free discussion without censorship.

What we ended up with was something of a social experiment to prove the following question:

What happens when you create an uncensored social network driven on cryptocurrency?

Easy! You get an unsensored social network driven on cryptocurrency!

That is what our 9-year running social experiment has proven.

Previously dedicated minds.com users who have since fallen out, report:

Review 1:

MINDS, does NOT follow their own community guidelines. IF you post anything that they do not like they will claim it to be SPAM, and just BAN. No 1st strike. No 2nd strike. Just plain BAN. And when you request the reason for the BAN, they do not respond, because what they have done is completely unlawful, unconscionable, and willfully negligent. In other words, the BAN is completely unjustifiable. That is why they do not respond.

Review 2:

It was a free awesome social network while they were small and known to a limited number of ppl. It attracted artists, free thinkers and generally ppl with original ideas and mindsets. Now attracts angry children hooked on politics or porn. Today it is just another money-making social platform that will give you some hard times if you don’t pay them a fee. After being a member for about 4 years, they shadowbanned my non-profitable, personal channel for no apparent reason. I tried to talk to support, but they ignored me and refuse to talk about the issue. I even talked to owner Bill Ottman himself and the same story - he avoids to talk about shadowbanning and manipulating data. Today it’s the money-driven social network and if you’re not planning to pay monthly fee ($40), don’t waste your time.

These are accurate assessments. After visiting the site recently (having seen it last about a year ago) I was surprised to see how dead it was.

Upon scrolling down, I did see alot of simple-minded posts on a variety of subjects relating to racism, covid, and general complaints against society.

Interestingly, in the large amount race-based negativity, it was generally white-biased content, with no other commentaries from other races easily visible.

In general, while a place like Minds should encourage high-level intellectual conversation, it seems, at best, to be a place populated by highly eloquent trolls who would, rightfully, be banned from mainstream networks.

So, “minds” is “simple-minds” at best.

Hilariously Transparent Crypto-Schemes From Minds.com Itself

Scrolling down the feed, I came across an advert by minds (blending in seemlessly with user content) regarding their referral program, where each new person referred to minds would earn the referrer a minor amount of crypto-money.

Upon calculation of the scheme, one finds that it’s quite impossible to reach the minimum payout after referrals, unless you are a marketing genius with nothing better to apply your marketing talents to.

The Unsensored Part

Minds is an angry network. I was surprised to find:

  • Memes (meant in humor) relating to the “satisfying” feeling one receives when driving a car into a group of protestors.
  • More memes of dirty humor generally enjoyed by the lower minds of society.
  • Lots (and I do say lots) of racist…memes.
  • Memes…and more memes…
  • Minds.com “subscribe” ads in various forms, one leading another.

Sad Waste of a Good Domain Name

What does it take to score a domain name like “minds” “.com”? At present minds.com is valued at $58,000. The word “facebook” is 8 characters long. “Minds” is a decent name and a good score in domain name acquisition. Is only 5 characters long, and a very good target word “minds”. “Google” is 6 characters long. Simply stated, “Minds” was a great score in domain name acquisition.

…and it was wasted!

Under the right minds, what could have been done with such a great idea and domain name?

Unfortunately, we see the effects of “free speech” of the angry run uncontrolled. Minds has become a place for deranged minds.

We can see that, with all of our complaints against mainstream networks such as facebook, twitter, and youtube, the lesser evil of censorship is actually serving the greater good in some specific areas.