Sometimes, the greater evil can serve the greater good.

Everyone wants to "think out of the box". So that's not thinking out of the box.

Sometimes I think out of the box using the ideas from the people stuck in the box. Like, how can I take this idea that is stuck in the box, and liberate it from the box…you know what…nevermind. I’ll just explain.

A Fresh Source of Content

So you may have heard that the dark web contains whistle blowers, free thinkers, radical innovators, and such like these, though you might run into a bad guy every now and then.

So before drawing out a large commentary on this subject, let me illustrate it with a common analogy, but slightly modified so as to exit the box.

The Paradigm Shift of Thinking in the Box

So in this case (and by this analogy only) the big dark box that people are thinking in is in the dark web. So to think “out of the box” as you’ve been told to do, you might have to go into the box. Consider this picture above: The text you do see is what is clearly written on the image. But the ALT TEXT in the image tag which you will probably not see says “The Paradigm Shift of Thinking in the Box”.

Unless you have a setting on your browser that shows alt text immediately, you wouldn’t discover this unless you dug for it, specifically. But then, why would you do that? You didn’t know it would be useful. It was hidden anyways. But there is an entire network that behaves like that Alt Text I just mentioned. (The hidden web, obviously).

More on the Box…

Ok, so your teacher or parents or marketing guru (who could benefit by you) said its a good thing to think out of the box. And maybe, like me, you thought you’d listen. But did the teacher ever tell you to:

  • Change the box?
  • Poke holes in the box?
  • Shake the box?
  • Expose the box to rain and sun?
  • Put a king snake in the box?
  • Hide stuff in the box?

Your not limited to thinking only outside the box. The box is really your plaything. Come and go at will. Why limit yourself to the place outside the box? Or in the box? Or why not switch to a bag, safe, or crate?

Thus, we may use the box to our advantage.

What if I told you that somewhere on this island there’s a very large box and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it, when you opened that box there it would be.

“What if I told you that somewhere on this island there’s a very large box and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it, when you opened that box there it would be.”” - Ben Linus

Since in this case we are considering the dark web as being the box (the box that NOBODY SHOULD ENTER) we can now think out of the box by going into the box.

And now, the Keynote Address

Search engines can easily judge the originality of content based on other content that appeared before it on the clearnet. But at this time they generally don’t know what exists in the dark net (its hard to crawl, not reliable, among other issues).

In the ice-berg picture above (which is a fitting and accurate example) you can see that the dark net is far bigger than the clear net.

So you could, literally, just search for cool ideas and content from the dark web and place it on your clear web website. And the result would be, according to search engines: You have new and authentic content.

Adding to that, due to the source (the dark net), your “authentic” content will probably be unique (to the clear net). Dark net authors often think differently. That’s why they are there.

You probably think I’m telling you to steal content from the dark web.

Stealing content is not what I’m suggesting.

I’m suggesting this, rather:

Using content from the dark web to provide content to the clear web

Dali, “Original Inspiration”

Lets use Salvadore Dali as an Example (see his paintings here). (archive)

Dali used to take inspiration for his paintings from a foreign and strange environment: his dreams.

While its questionable where his success came from (indeed, we cannot assume inspiration or quality of art) he certainly knew a thing or two about inspiration: Radical inspiration comes from a place we don’t visit often*.

*(That’s why I’m an avid bible reader that no longer sets foot in churches. Churches are, in my opinion, the dark side of the dark web of religion, but the bible is the “radical” book that goes against the establishment. And, oddly, most bibles come in black, though containing much light.).

Hence, using the hidden net can give you ideas that were previously unknown to you, because they are not a part of your common world or common experiences via mainstream television or mainstream internet (or mainstream books).

And you can draw from that.

Epilog: With new frontiers comes new risks…

One nation’s pirate is another nation’s entrepreneur…

Like I acknowledged at the beginning of this article, the dark web contains bad guys, though occasionally you might run into whistle blowers, free thinkers, radical innovators, and the like.

The dark web does not exist to be searchable, unless the authors intend it. Likewise, your chances on stumbling upon genuinely evil content is also based on the entry points you use. Finding innovation will start with innovation.

Hence, I would suggest NOT just jumping into the dark web based on the popular entry points, but find a strategy to obtain links and onion connections from useful darkweb sites that explore innovation or new ideas that are challenged by dominant opinion. Avert your eyes from things that are genuinely dark.

Its true with websites as its true with people: Birds of a feather flock together. So if you start with sites that are intellectual and progressive in nature, you are not likely to come into evil territories quickly. On the other hand, if you start with a site like The Hidden Wiki…you’d better know what your doing.


You probably think I’m telling you to visit the dark web…

You could I suppose.

Its actually much better to read the scriptures. The best inspiration comes from places people rarely visit. That would reveal much to you that you didn’t know you didn’t know… (archived)

Some times the most useful things are hidden for a reason.