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Hawaii Websites Then and Now. A WayBackMachine Tour.

Lets tour Hawaii, in a time machine. I’ve activated our yellow and pink time traveling van to explore Hawaii’s sites in previous decades. I’m documenting my adventures here. In every case possible, I’m fetching WayBackMachine’s first captures and last captures. But there are some exceptions based on how was performing in each instance. Go Hawaii Wow. A good website considering the era. Then May 31 1997

9 11 Twin Towers an Inside Job?

Image Credit By UA_Flight_175_hits_WTC_south_tower_9-11.jpeg: Flickr user TheMachineStops (Robert J. Fisch)derivative work: upstateNYer - UA_Flight_175_hits_WTC_south_tower_9-11.jpeg, CC BY-SA 2.0, This 2005 video outlines the evidence that 9-11 might have another cause than what history teaches. Image credit: By Zunaid - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Atom Bomb [Joe Bonica's Movie of the Month]

“Survival Town” Atom Test, operation “Teapot” Atomic Test, amazing films of H-Bomb Actual footage of nuclear bomb testing, the scientists and military people involved in a the South Pacific and the American Southwest. Frighteningly slim and few precautions are taken with the lives of those people who jobs were to be present at the test sites. Film purports to prove that survival of nuclear attack is possible. Found this on Archive.

Using Content from the Dark Web To Provide Content to the Clear Web

Everyone wants to "think out of the box". So that's not thinking out of the box. Sometimes I think out of the box using the ideas from the people stuck in the box. Like, how can I take this idea that is stuck in the box, and liberate it from the box…you know what…nevermind. I’ll just explain. A Fresh Source of Content So you may have heard that the dark web contains whistle blowers, free thinkers, radical innovators, and such like these, though you might run into a bad guy every now and then.